At Crab Apple we encourage you to bring your Fur-Child to enjoy a holiday in the Midlands. Experience country life, take a walk amongst the roses and breathe in the fresh air. The individual Cottages are part of a large garden in which to romp but should you take a walk out along our adventurous country roads, please clip a lead on. Snuggle down next to a roaring fire or laze beside the pool. A freshly laundered dog-bed is provided in your cottage. Please remember to bring his/her kibbles and bowls and current vaccinations are essential.

We have our own fur-children and feathered friends (Marmaduke & his Venda Hens, our Labradors, Dach-Russels, horses and cats) who make a well socialised Fur-Child appreciated. Go carefully, you are responsible for your Fur-Child.